Nov. 3rd, 2006

Some of you may know [ profile] yourhermione (Heather). She is currently fighting Hodgkin's disease - also known as Hodgkin's lymphoma. Copied fomr the Lime Project site - "Unfortunately, she has no prescription coverage on her medical insurance, and because she is working, she doesn't qualify for government aid. The medications that will keep her alive physically are going to kill her financially, and even if she survives the cancer, she may not survive the debt."

[ profile] bronxelf_ag001 is heading up a fundraiser to help defray her medical bills. Basically, it is a calendar of gorgeous, real-life women in varying degrees of tasteful nudity. It has quietly been in the works since earlier this year. Heather is now aware of this outpouring of support!

The website is up (though, not yet complete) - but enough so that I thought it a good time to get the word out to my friend's list - as I actually got to play a part. I took the photos of [ profile] ladylyonesse (Liz) - who happens to be the fabulous Ms. February! Avril (Bronxelf) did the editing to all the photos I took (and did a fabulous job)!

So - plan your 2007 dates on a wonderful calendar full of hot, scantily clad women. Get several and give as gifts this holiday season!

Ordering is not currently active - but book mark this site so you can order as soon as you are able. DO NOT ORDER YET! Site is still being tested - my post is jumping the gun a bit.

Going to make this public so it reaches more people!

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