Mar. 13th, 2007

Gorgeous spring-like day. Jealous of all the bikes out on the road. We want to be riding.

Had the slider open. Was on the deck - albeit, just putzing with a new window box I got for cheap at Tuesday Morning...but on the deck nonetheless.

Computer - Dell will probably send a technician out with discs and hard drive to try to get the thing to boot. In the meantime, Gerry and I went out and picked up a 500gb external hard drive - Staples had a Western in stock and they matched the online price. After tax - $190. Thought it was a decent price. I had been wanting something like this so I can archive my photos now we have one. Gerry is going to try to copy my files from the hard drive by getting the pc to drop into the C prompt mode.

Finally found a Cat Fancy magazine - remembered that PetSmart sold them.

Went to BJ's - gassed the suvee and got gas for the motorcycle. Checked on Foodsaver accessories. Found a b&w laser printer for my parents - $79. That's all they should need. They print so infrequently that the ink in their ink jet printer dries up. So, this should be a good choice for them. Just double checked to make sure it's compatible with WinVista (hatehatehate) - which it seems to be (there are drivers for Vista). So, off to complete the online rebate.

Dinner at Friday's - Entertainment coupon for a free dinner (bogo). Also had onion rings for an appetizer (not on the menu but they will make them for you if you ask). Yummy!

FMI (for my info):
Researching lights for our deck (finally), still need a pen holder for the fridge to go with the shopping lists, want to look into a new silverware organizer (2-tier), pull-out drawers for the island, and a deep fryer (anyone have suggestions on a decent medium to high end deep fryer?), more FoodSaver containers at Tuesday Morning, mounting solution for the new window box.

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