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Spent yesterday (from 9:30-am) and today with Nor & Ron in Harrisburg.
Went up early yesterday. Got to see Nor's new bike. Thank goodness, this bike is the one she wants to keep. She loves it! It needs some tweaking (tune up) but otherwise it has everything she wants.

Nor & I returned some stuff to Wal-Mart and then did some shopping there, lunch at Wendy's then more shopping at Target. I was looking for something to add to our luggage to make it more recognizable. Finally found colorful hand grips at Target. I got a pack of orange and a pack of blue. Nor found tons of cute tops for Shannon at $2.25 a shirt. Gotta love clearance.

We were going to run errands & take a bike ride last evening but things got delayed so plans changed. Ended up going to a our parking lot to take some practice rides. Ron rode my bike & Nor took her new bike. I drove the Suvee (didn't feel comfy being a passenger on Pumpkin - I think it might be a bit small. I'm used to the Valk).

Later that evening Nor took Shannon up to pick out clothes and get her ready for bed - which she purposely did to allow Ron & I some alone time (for a change). Wasn't much time - but it was more than we've had in a while.

After Ron went to bed, Nor & I had our alone time in the basement with soup!

Today, after we discovered that Shannon had a delayed start time for school, Nor & I went to her doctor's appointment. Her finger is doing well but she still can't go back to work. Another doc's appointment in two weeks (right after we get back from CA - Nor wants me to go with her).
After that we met some of her co-workers for lunch in Carlisle.
One of her friends (Todd) followed us home so he could check out her new bike. We all had some afternoon soup and sat around being silly.

Shannon came home from school - Nor & Shannon took Rocky to the vet for a check-up while I drove to Palmyra to pick up Ron's leather motorcycle jacket. He had the sleeves altered - they were too wide and would catch the wind when he was riding. He's thrilled with the results and the alteration was only $20. Saves him from buying a new jacket.

We all grabbed a quick dinner with plans to go for ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery to get Shannon's free birthday ice cream. Unfortunately, while Ron was finishing his dinner (he and I were sitting on the back porch) - Shannon fell while playing on her new Razor scooter. Mucked up her elbow and had a scraped knee. She was in hysterics while her parents cleaned her up and bandaged everything. Shannon did not want to go after all that - so Nor suggested that she stay home with Shannon while Ron & I went for ice cream (I had hung around late just to go). She thought it would be a good opportunity for Ron & I to get more alone time. We decided to bring the ice cream back for Shannon - which perked her up. We took orders for concoctions for Nor, Shannon and Tanyia. Ron loaded a cooler with ice for the trip home.

It was a nice evening. Ron and I had a short chat about the upcoming CA trip. It was nice hanging out together. I brought up a few things with him on the way home - and cleared the air a bit (about things I was dwelling on that really weren't a big deal). It was nice to clear things up before leaving for two weeks. We talked a bit more when I was saying good-bye. He correctly read into some things I was trying to say. It's nice when we are on the same wavelength. He and I do think alike very often - but not nearly as often as Nor & I. Even Ron admitted that the connection she and I have scares him (scares in a joking kind of way). She & I finish sentences or say exactly the same thing at the same time...there are just so many things we do the same - it amazes even us.

Tomorrow - lots of loose ends to tie up before we leave for CA on Saturday.
I think I will make a separate post to help remind me of things I need to do.
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