I finally caved in and let Ron take me for a ride on his motorcycle today.

I have been "fighting" this since he asked me in our first conversation in February (when we all got back together).

I still can't believe I finally got up the nerve to go.

We were all just hanging around chatting and we had casually talked about a ride and I said I just wanted to sit on the bike at first.

Finally, Ron said "So, are you ready to go for a ride" and I said yes. And he said he didn't expect that answer. I still insisted I just wanted to sit on it.
So, before I had time to think about it he got his sandals on and got the bike out of the garage.
Not thinking we were going anywhere, I got on behind him - both of us in shorts, sandals and no helmets. (doing everything completely opposite of how many of you advised).
Ron's friend Roy was there - and was egging us on. He followed behind us on his bike (which made me a bit nervous) - but he convinced Ron to just ride. So, I held on.

Man, I was scared though. I know I made some high pitched girlie noises as we rode around. We went around their block twice.
It was neat with the wind blowing on us (through my hair). Once we got back & I calmed down a bit, I was asking if he would take me another time. Of course, he said yes.

Nor was a bit peeved when I got back - as she had been napping and I didn't wake her to see my very first ride. Apparently, she came outside just as we were pulling out of the driveway.

Then I convinced Gerry to go for a ride, too - so, Ron took Gerry while Noreen & Roy joined in on their own bikes - and they all went for a longer ride than the one I had.

This was a very monumental experience for me - as I am a total chicken for this kind of thing. Like, completely. I later decided part of my issues are that I have to give up total control (I like to the the one to drive) AND I have to trust Ron to safely ride and keep the bike upright. Very hard for me to do.

But I am definitely interested in riding again. Next time with jeans, shoes and a helmet.
Nor wants me to get my own bike so she and I can ride together. Definitely thinking about it.

Hmmm, maybe I can convince Ron to take me to faire on the bike this Saturday. Might have to mention that to him!

Thanks to everyone who did respond to my request for pointers. Ron did say I was a good passenger - and back rest. ;-)
There is a kitty on my Scottish Fold Rescue list that is in danger of being euthanized (he is in a kill shelter).
If you can help - please go to the link below:
Scroll down to Scotty - Scottish Fold/Manx mix
Is there anyone on my Flist who attends Bristol Faire in WI?
I got this piece a few years ago - and am thinking it would be nice to have a companion piece for it - either the female version or the front view (if they do it).

I have no idea who the vendor was.
Anyone have a clue?!?

From [livejournal.com profile] ani_moore's Karma Kisses:

clear space, literally and figuratively, so there is room for more delight in your life.

This is something I need to remember and use more often than I do.
I just got a 10% coupon (off of purchases over $199) for Circuit City.

I won't be using it - so if anyone else might have a use for it, let me know and I can send it to you.

Expires the end of the month and can be used for purchases on one receipt - so it looks like you don't have to buy one item at that price. Unfortunately, it excludes several things including iPod, Verizon, Apple, HP.
I submitted a photo (and might add a couple of others) to Jones Soda Co.
They have a gallery where you can vote for photos to be used as a label on their soda bottles.

If you feel like it - can you vote for this & this?
I'd be very grateful!
The info below came across my Scottish Fold Rescue list.

A transporter had an accident and a
hurricane survivor dog on his way home to his owner is loose and
lost. I apologize if using my "main list of lists of lists" means
that this post may be very OT to some groups I am posting to, and ask
your forgiveness if that occurs - I really have no time to go through
the long list and weed out the particular lists that might object to
this post, only wish I could.

>name of transporter: amy tiederman, working with Stealth Volunteers,
>to return katrina pets to owners in NO.
>accident was on highway 68W near exit 22; they'd just left FROSTBURG
>heading toward GRANTSVILLE.
>dog headed east....
>dog is adult spaniel/lab mix; black; curly hair; chunky (60-65#);
>wearing black collar that says, "happy halloween" on it, and a Best
>Friends ID number and her name, SADIE, on it; she's microchipped.
>person coordinating the effort to find help is shannon,
>504-305-4113; she has any's cell phone number, but they're trying to
>keep that line free for actual helpers.... (other dogs are safe at a
>vet's; amy is safe at a motel.)
My mom decided she wanted me to make some peanut butter fudge for her for Christmas.

I've never made fudge - so don't have a recipe that I know is good.

I found one on line that is a little complicated - but not overly so.

Does anyone out there in Flist land have a PB fudge recipe that is fairly simple to make - but yet is very tasty (if it is like the good fudge you can buy at fairs and such - I've even had good fudge at craft shows - all the better)?
Merry Christmas & Happy Chanukah to those that celebrate!
I'd ask over in Hip_Domestics or a food community - but I am tired of the snarkiness on the LJ communities - and I know there are some very good cooks on my Flist.

I have searched online - google and allrecipes but there are so many recipes with titles that sound right but really arent't.

What I am looking for:
A fairly easy/simple recipe for a breakfast/brunch casserole (for Christmas morning).

Things to include - home fries, eggs (scrambled or the like preferably), cheese (we likes cheese), bacon (well done is a must).
Other things we like - biscuits, southern gravy, pancakes, waffles, french toast. (recipe does not have to include these things - included for reference)

What not to include:
Sausage, mushrooms

I was thinking of something we could throw together and let bake while we were opening gifts.

So, does anyone have a recipe or recipes that you have tried or heard about that sounds like it might fit the bill?
John Spencer died at age 58.
I really liked him as Tommy Mullaney in L.A. Law and as Leo on The West Wing. And he died so young.

How very sad.
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