Jan. 26th, 2011

I have been silent again. Without checking first - I can't even remember if I posted in December.
So, before January is over - a post.

This one might be short in words - and long in photos.
I'm hoping to at least get bullets on the next post. And, with the snow we are getting - may actually be tomorrow. Or, maybe even later tonight (no, don't count on that).

Biggest thing of late - I gathered up a lot of courage and signed up for a Scott Church workshop held in Lancaster this past Sunday. You may have seen posts from another friend - yup, we were both there. Which, helped with the courage thing for me. So, yay!!

Anyhoo - dropping some photos here for your perusal. Pretty much not safe for work or kids. View at your own risk. :)

NSFW images )

Most of these were not posted on FB due to the obvious nudity. The tamer (boobs covered) shots I posted there. These are all private for friends & family on Flickr - so, if you are not a contact on Flickr you will not be able to click the photo. But, you should be able to see them here.

Loved the workshop. Will definitely be doing another one when Scott offers it. I can't recommend him highly enough. He saw I was shy and made it a point to help me feel included & welcome! He also made me feel like I don't totally suck in the photo department. And, I LOVE his techniques & his work process.

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